I am a Research Scientist at Adobe Research London working on image/3D/video generative modeling.

I received my PhD in Computer Science in 2023 from the Visual Computing Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology working with Prof. Peter Wonka.

I'm broadly interested in computer graphics, especially image and 3D synthesis and generative modeling techniques. My research involves the generation of large-scale images using deep neural networks, focusing on the quality of the generated content, controllability and the plausible compositing of the output.

In my spare time, I enjoy designing, building, creating, disassembling and assembling things. I love to play music, learn languages and explore the world.


  • May 2024 | Paper published on arXiv

    Our paper “SuperGaussian: Repurposing Video Models for 3D Super Resolution” was released on arXiv. This paper was led by Adobe intern Yuan Shen, who was co-mentored by myself and several other amazing Adobe researchers.

  • March 2024 | Papers Committee

    I will be serving on the SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Technical Papers Committee.

  • March 2024 | Paper accepted to SIGGRAPH

    Our paper “IntrinsicDiffusion: Joint Intrinsic Layers from Latent Diffusion Models” was accepted to SIGGRAPH 2024. This paper was led by last summer’s Adobe London intern Jundan Luo.

  • October 2023 | Internship Applications

    We are looking for motivated interns for the Summer of 2024 to join us in the Adobe LondonLab for exciting research projects. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested or directly apply via the application system.

  • September 2023 | Outstanding Reviewer Award

    I am happy to be acknowledged as an Outstanding Reviewer for reviewing for ICCV 2023!

  • June 2023 | Life Update

    I am excited to share that I have started to work at Adobe London as a Research Scientist as of June 2023.

  • May 2023 | VIVE3D Code relased

    We have made the code for our CVPR paper VIVE3D available on Github!

  • April 2023 | PhD Defense 🎓

    I successfully defended my PhD in Computer Science on April 17, 2023! A huge Thank You to my advisor Peter Wonka and my PhD committee consisting of Bernd Bickel, Helmut Pottmann and Bernard Ghanem.

    • February 2023 | Paper accepted to CVPR

      Our paper “VIVE3D: Viewpoint-Independent Video Editing using 3D-Aware GANs” was accepted to CVPR 2023. This paper is the result of a collaboration with Meta Reality Labs Research.

    • October 2022 | Outstanding Reviewer Award

      I was acknowledged as an Outstanding Reviewer at ECCV 2022!

    • July 2022 | Paper accepted at ECCV

      Our paper “On the Robustness of Quality Measures for GANs” was accepted for publication at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV).

    • May 2022 | Outstanding Reviewer Award

      I feel honored to be acknowledged as an Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2022!

    • May 2022 | Internship with Meta

      This summer, I will be working at Meta Reality Labs in Sausalito, CA from June to September 2022.

    • May 2022 | InsetGAN Code relased

      The code for our CVPR paper InsetGAN is now available on Github.

    • March 2022 | Paper accepted to CVPR

      Our paper “InsetGAN for Full-Body Image Generation” was accepted to CVPR 2022. This paper is the result of a collaboration with Adobe Research.

    • June 2021 | Student Ambassador

      I have been invited by the CEMSE division at KAUST to serve as a Student Ambassador.

    • July 2020 | Paper accepted at TVCG

      Our paper “Large Scale Architectural Asset Extraction from Panoramic Imagery” was accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

    • January 2020 | Internship with Adobe

      I will be working at Adobe in the Creative Intelligence Lab in San José, CA from August to November 2020.

    • January 2020 | 2020 Facebook Fellow Award

      I’ve been awarded a fellowship by Facebook Research, which is designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas related to computer science and engineering.

    • January 2020 | Internship with Weta Digital

      I will be working at Weta Digital in the Look Dev R&D department in Wellington, NZ from April to June 2020.

    • September 2019 | Teaching Assistant Fall 2019

      I will be supporting my advisor as a teaching assistant in the KAUST course CS390DD Deep Learning for Visual Computing this fall semester.

    • September 2019 | Talk at IST Austria

      I was invited to give a talk about my work on image synthesis at IST Austria on September 2.

    • July 2019 | Presentation at SIGGRAPH

      I will be presenting TileGAN at ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Tuesday, July 30 (session “High Performance Rendering”).

    • July 2019 | TileGAN available on Github

      We released the code for TileGAN on Github!

    • March 2019 | Paper accepted at SIGGRAPH

      Our paper TileGAN: Synthesis of Large-Scale Non-Homogeneous Textures was accepted as a technical paper at ACM SIGGRAPH 2019.